Pick up your Damn Rubbish

A large part of my practice is to be more conscious of the materials I’m using and recycle components when possible; less waste and less “stuff” being added to our personal spaces or environments. This has encouraged me to ask my community (students, friends, mentors etc) if they have materials they would like to donate and potentially save from the skip. This is not only related to my art practice but also part of my daily life. I don’t buy new chain-store clothing if possible, frequenting thrift stores or graciously accepting hand-me-downs. I try to exchange goods or trade for services and lean towards long lasting materials over plastics in our ever growing “throw away” society. I don’t own a car and will cycle, skate, walk or car share for out our town trips. Attempting to take small daily steps to reduce the resources and space I take up in my life bubble. This lifestyle also helps me be more aware of the materials around me and ask questions around what ‘can’ be used or re-used as an art medium. Noticing the scraps (their possible potential) that others discard as rubbish or unusable objects. While I understand and appreciate the use of modern technology such as 3D printing, I will always prefer more traditional methods in durable, timeless materials. 2020 has me going back to my roots of using preferred readily-available (or rescued) mediums, while remaining open to the constant motion and development required for continued experimentation. Using traditional tools and processes while developing patterns, ideas and reworking both concepts and mediums for deeper exploration and invention through art-making.

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