How did you Make That?

People are curious by nature. We want to know how things work? Who made this? What is its purpose? When it comes to creatives and collectors of objects, the question becomes “How was this made?” Most artists will include what materials they use, perhaps a brief explanation of the process (unless that’s a heavily guarded secret!) and the inspiration or research behind the piece. I’m attempting to go a step further and video document my studio time. I started this for fun. A way to reflect on the beginning so I can look back and see my progress. A reminder that even art requires practice to reach our individual versions of perfection (No one wakes up with the knowledge that makes others say “Wow! How did you make that?”) I’m still far from perfect and so are my videos, but here are a few from the very beginning. With enough support subscribe to my YouTube channel, I hope to grow my videos and offer a glimpse into my studio processes, along with tips for art-making.

How I made my DIY Raku gas kiln from a used honey drum.
Raku vessels with copper reduction glaze fired in my homemade Raku kiln.
How to do a paper test in an electric kiln to check for faulty (dead) elements.

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