Semester 1 – Building Exhibition Concept

Combining my non-objective sculptures and broken mirrors with mapped-projections (and eventually sound):

Using old looped footage to test a 3 part projection-mapped area. A few issues I ran into was the programme and/or computer timing out and having to re-map the area right before presenting (even though I turned off sleep-screen mode). The other issue was that the projector/s needs to placed up high enough to reflect off the floor. I may look into tripod adaptors to solve this issue. I will also need to look at setting up suitable audio once I’ve worked out how I visually want to translate my sound files for the final presentation.

Notes from the two lecturers critiquing:

  • Interesting perspectives and changing the space – look at Caroline Rothwell’s Newton Tree and Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels.
  • The geographical aspects (through changing the spaces perceived dimensions) – reminded Monique of map aerial views. 
  • The non-euclidean space – “doesn’t conform to classic space” (Ziggy) and to look at The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre.
  • High key colours as an important aesthetic. (Mon)
  • Consider moving objects or a live performance? As I moved one of the sculptures to experiment with the angles of reflected light, the “movement” aspect was interesting to the viewer. I’m not liking the idea of a live performance (as feel this would detract or desaturate the rest of the visual/audio experience) but I do like the idea of incorporating moving physical object/s somehow. 
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