Hot Dirt: Alchemy Surfaces, 2022-2023

Works in Progress

Karen Wilde, 06-2022, “Riri Rewa | Flux Fury” for Hot Dirt: Alchemy Surfaces, ceramic, glaze, glass, sand, 2022.

The Hole Ontology, 2021

Using methodical experimental processes Karen Wilde’s work engages with object materiality, space and its surroundings.  Wilde occasionally incorporates digital materials such as projected images and audio into her sculptural installations to create an immersive viewer experience.

The Hole Ontology, examines holes in relation to object, body, sound and space.

My sculptural artwork is an ontological study of holes and their symbiotic negative and positive relationship with space.  The artworks distort the figurative form and pictorial language of holes into non-objective sculptures.  Through repetitive methods—pushing materials with blunt objects and creating unified tension through increased proximity—objects come to resemble unidentifiable cells, fossils and organic forms.  I am the puppeteer of these objects; an architect of the scale and the space they occupy.  Attempting to find a balanced critical distance by presenting both analogue and digital operations: processes that should not fight for attention but instead, work in unison to mimic a fantasized state of immersion.”  Karen Wilde, The Hole Ontology 2021.

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