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  • Hand holding ceramic figurative head sculpture in white with black oxide glaze drips.

(Work in progress), ceramic, oxides. 14x7x9cm

Sun Worshiper (2023), raku ceramic. 16x5cm

If I Could Melt Your Heart (2023), ceramic, oxides, recycled glass. 19x19cm

Regenerate (2023), ceramic, recycled glaze, copper wire, blue patina, acrylic, resin, reclaimed charred wood. 63×12.5cm including attached wood base.

  • Ceramic figurative sculpture bust head (small), white clay with purple-red and green oxide colours

Gabrielle (2023), ceramic, oxides. 15x7x8cm

Memories of Blackened Sand (2023), raku ceramic, west-coast black sand, gold enamel. 11cm
Currently on Display at The Upstairs Gallery, Titirangi.

  • Round, textured ceramic vessel with recycled glass in brown and green colours.

Karengo, Amphitrite’s Sea Glass Orb (2023), ceramic, recycled glass. 11cm

  • Large Round mixed media, textured sculpture in ceramic and woven blue copper wire

Jupiter’s Moon: Hannibal (Large) (2023), ceramic, site-specific oxide slip, recycled glass, copper wire, blue patina. 21x18cm

  • Round mixed media, ceramic and woven copper wire sculpture with blue patina and yellow swirl pattern.

Jupiter’s Moon: Hannibal (2023), ceramic, site-specific oxide slip, recycled glass, copper wire, blue patina. 13x12cm

  • Round ceramic vessel orb in black, brown, white and pink abstract patterns.

Silver Leaf Moon (2023), pit-fired ceramic, organic smoke glaze, acrylic. 11cm

  • Round Moin jar vessel with bubbling white glaze and green swirls

Moon Jar: Névé (2022), ceramic, copper, west-coast black sand. 17x18cm

  • Half round ceramic textured vessel in brown and white with swirl pattern

Desiccated Flow (2022), ceramic. 20x11cm
Finalist at the Emerging Artist Awards 2022.

Kelp Entwine (2022), ceramic, textile. 17x12cm

Puia Nui, Large Volcano (2022), ceramic. 30x20cm
Winner of the Ceramics Merit Award, The Trusts 35th Arts Exhibition, 2022.

  • Textured abstract ceramic vessel in vibrant pink, blue and yellow colours.

Aihikirīmi Āniwaniwa, Rainbow Ice-Cream (2022), ceramic. 17x13x17cm

  • Flat wall sculpture with lots of holes, cream coloured.

Trypo V (Cream), 23x20cm and Trypo VIII (Coffee Brown) 28x20cm (2021), ceramic, coffee grounds. Both Sold.

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