Decorative clay Raku Bowl in metallic copper and green oxide, Art collector object from New Zealand, 2 of 3 edition


Raku Earthenware fired cream textured clay with copper, oxides and mixed glaze reduction (2 of 3 in this series).

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Disclaimer: This bowl is purely decorative and not designed for food/liquids, this is the nature of all raku pottery. However, this piece is created with non-toxic and lead-free glaze.

Raku Earthenware fired cream textured clay with green copper, oxides and mixed glaze reduction.
by Karen Wilde, 02-2022.
Size: 9x5cm
2 of 3 in this series (price is for one bowl as seen in images)

This bowl vessel sculpture was pulled red-hot from the raku kiln and transferred to a firey reduction chamber with combustibles. This produces unpredictable surface colours and glaze patterns while leaving smokey scorched marks on the raw clay areas.

Experimental processes of including both inorganic and natural organic materials to the clay body, glazes and firing process result in every piece displaying unique surface textures. This piece depicts heavy green hues with flowing white glaze and raw clay “kissed by fire”.

Inspired by Aotearoa New Zealand’s native bush and snow-capped volcanic mountains. Each piece in this series is handbuilt from layers of clay and original in both shape and finish.