Raku Pottery Vessel – Littoral Sea Cave


Title: Littoral Sea Cave
Black clay, sand and raku glaze sculptural vessel. Inspired by Aotearoa New Zealand’s powerful and mysterious sea caves.

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Title: Littoral Sea Cave

Raku earthenware fired pottery with west coast black sand, copper/black glaze exterior and foamy green/white crackle interior

Size: 9.5x10cm

Raku is non-functional and for decorative use only.

Deep within a rocky shore,
A littoral cave doth roar,
Black as night and cold as ice,
With a force that cuts like a knife.

The waves crash against the walls,
Echoes fill the darkened halls,
A symphony of sound and foam,
Nature’s music, forever to roam.

The cave is grand, yet eerie too,
A place where darkness likes to do,
What it does best, swallow the light,
Leaving an inkiness, blinding sight.

But this cave is not all bad,
For it is home to creatures glad,
Creatures that thrive in the dark,
Tangaroa creatures, a sparkling mark.

So if you ever find yourself,
In New Zealand’s littoral realm,
Take a journey to this black sea cave,
And feel the power that it gave.

– Poem by Karen Wilde

Each piece in this series is handbuilt and original in shape and finish.

Colours may vary slightly from screen.