Studio Processes

A stock-take of materials had me thinking about what object creations and lab processes I would like to explore further this year. I wanted to stay true to my ideologies and aesthetics while being open to exploring alternative concepts and new techniques. I also needed to be mindful that the university studio and lab accessibility is a privilege that could be taken away at any time. Being mindful of possible future lockdowns and what mediums and resources can be relocated to a home studio situation – leading me to focus on the “material” as a medium and what that means for my studio practice.

(some) sawdust collected from AUT 3D lab air vents – after only a few days of student use.

The Material:

As a medium? (tactile, tangible)
As a method? (a performance, a sound, an experience, documentation or discussion).
Materials that don’t normally mix?
Materials that move and change? (either through time passing, human interference, or when the material itself evolves).
Materials that disturb the “normal?” (what disturbs or challenges? – what disturbs the medium or material itself?)
How can I reduce waste, recycle and be conscious of the materials I use as an artist? Society compacts “rubbish” into bins and hides individual consumerism. Unsightly waste is out of mind when out of sight. How do I establish a relationship with post-manufactured waste as an art material? Can I implore society to reclaim their rubbish by changing the perception of a medium from waste to invaluable?


Going back to the basics of working ‘hot and fast’. There doesn’t need to be a conclusion in mind for these form and medium based experiments. The focus is on the making process, the changes in material and pushing the materials to perform through change. Observing as the object begins to shift with human interactions.

Click here to go to ‘critiques’ for experiment results and feedback.

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