Kiln Melting Glass over Ceramics

I have been experimenting with melting found beach glass and recycled wine bottles over my ceramic sculptures and here are a few things I’ve learned along the way. Less is more. It doesn’t take a lot of glass to create transformative effects. Depending on your project, adding small amounts of crushed glass can add littleContinue reading “Kiln Melting Glass over Ceramics”

Sodium Silicate Pottery Cracked Surfaces: Slab Building Technique

How do potters achieve those amazing crackled patterns in their ceramic pieces? With the magic of Sodium Silicate. You may have seen artists use this clear, liquid medium on the outside of wheel-thrown pottery before stretching the work into larger forms with various cracked designs running across the surface. What exactly is Sodium Silicate? AndContinue reading “Sodium Silicate Pottery Cracked Surfaces: Slab Building Technique”

How to Clean Up Clay and Glaze Safely!

After completing my Visual Arts degree in 2021 and moving from ‘institute student studio life’ into ‘unsupported garage studio life’ – I’ve been pushing the limitations of my experimental glazed ceramics at home. It’s been fun! But it’s also been very messy and I was worried about how I would dispose of clay and glazeContinue reading “How to Clean Up Clay and Glaze Safely!”