Toi Pūeru

“Reducing art waste is very important to my practice. Not all of my large Trypo pieces survive the firing process and some crack or break. This is an inevitable part of producing ceramics. Instead of discarding them in the landfill, I re-invent the shards into ecological wearable art, giving new life to a forgotten object. Each piece is completely random and unique in pattern by purposely dropping larger fired pieces onto concrete. I allow the piece to shatter into its strongest surviving form, then carefully stone file any sharp edges into rounded, smooth and comfortable to wear pieces. Each piece is then reglazed and refired multiple times until the desired surface is achieved. This can be a combination of crystal and natural glazes to mimic the mossy growth and macro-organism surfaces of coastline rocks in New Zealand, eroded by taiao / nature and the environment over time.” – Karen Wilde, 2022.

Toi Pūeru is part of Karen Wilde’s extended range and can be purchased via her Etsy shop with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Alternatively, please contact Karen Wilde if you wish to purchase directly through PayPal invoice (ALL currencies) or by NZ bank transfer (NZD only).

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