Urban Environments

Continued exploration from surface designs during lockdown and introducing urban environment influences.

Primary Research – Urban Photography:

Secondary Research – Artist Inspiration:

Texture Play on Clay – continued experiments with traditional mark-making tools and experimental glazing:

Texture Play #2 – inspiration from found objects and transferring to other mediums:

Glaze Research – ideas and techniques:

  • Paper / vinyl stencils: stencils over leather hard clay and slips added – terracotta with white and/or colour glazes.
  • Double dip under glazing (after bisque fired). Same colours to increase opacity or multiple colours.
  • Drip / wet spray underglaze onto bisque for marble effect.
  • Marbling clays or Nerikomi (note: clays need to match firing temperatures to avoid cracking – can experiment with mismatched clays to try crack on purpose)

“Make something Ugly” Challenge Accepted! – making ugly art and allowing for the material to change and evolve without the artist being present:

Works by Kevin Francis Gray

The idea of ‘removing clay’ was also inspired by Kevin Francis Gray where he appears to strategically damage, remove or break sections during his making process. The pieces become more tangible in appearance; like running your hands through wet clay or softened butter. The works look ‘wrong’ and appeal to my appreciation for disturbing and unconventional contemporary art. I wanted to explore this theme without too much control on which sections became damaged in the process.

WORKBOOK (Ongoing):

Texture Play #3 – wood burnings (Pyrography):

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